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Do You Have Any Toners for sale?

We ar currently looking to buy:

  • New toners
  • Surplus toners
  • A, B, C grade toner
  • OEM toner
  • damaged toners
  • other toners
  • ink cartridges
  • other printer spare parts


How To Sell To Us?

All you need to do is contact us with your stock list and we will reply with a valuation. All amounts are considered from a few products to entire overstock. We also purchase bankruptcy and liquidation stocks.

We buy most brands of Surplus Toner cartridges and Surplus Ink cartridges in various grades from perfect A grade to C grade, almost any condition is considered.

We try to make our unused printer cartridges program as simple and stress free as possible, our experience has taught us that sometimes customers are not always sure what cartridges they have and what grade they are, so to avoid any issues we have created a guide to grading your Surplus Ink Cartridges and Surplus Toner cartridges. Before you send you list have a quick look at our guide below.


How To Grade Your Cartridges.


A Grade unused printer cartridges should be brand new and in perfect condition. The packaging must be in good condition with no writing, excess labels, tears or rips on the box. Surplus A grade cartridges must be unopened and still be in date. Compatible or Remanufactured printer cartridges are not classed as A grade even if they are in perfect condition.


B Grade unused printer cartridges covers a wider range of products. Cartridges with opened boxes (not internal sealed bags), light to medium damaged boxes, writing or excess labels, out of date cartridges all fall into B Grade surplus printer cartridges.


C Grade unused printer cartridges are products that have quite heavily crushed boxes and cartridges without boxes (we only accept these if the internal sealed bag is still sealed). Unfortunately we do not accept damaged printer cartridges.